Brokering illustration by Maria Hayes

Multi-stakeholder collaboration is essential…

… if we are to create a fairer and more inclusive world.

But such collaboration can be highly challenging and often falls short of expectations. Partnership brokers are those who support and strengthen partnerships by their understanding and skilled management of the collaboration process.

The Partnership Brokers Association is the international professional body for those managing and developing collaboration processes.

Our Vision is a more equitable and sustainable world through innovation, efficiency and excellence in multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Our Mission is to promote understanding of, and build capacity for, partnership brokering as fundamental to achieving this vision.

Our aims:

  • To ensure that those operating as partnership brokers are knowledgeable, skilled, principled and professional in how they carry out the role
  • To create and connect partnership brokers across the globe operating in different sectors (business, government and civil society) and cultures
  • To establish ourselves as the pre-eminent organisation and network of professional practitioners in this field

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